About us

H.O.A.T. stands for “help organization agriculture Thailand”. (Agrigultural relief organization Thailand).
As the name suggests, Thailand is where the foundation is concentrating its efforts) the work area of the foundation, mainly in the province “Isan”, which is the poorest rural area of the country.
Hoat is a Dutch registered foundation, established in 2007 by the current president of the foundation, Dhr. Ruben van Beek.
Though the name of the foundation suggests that its sole objectives are agricultural projects, this isn’t the case.
One of the main activities of the foundation is to provide schools in the rural area of Thailand with water harvesting and purification systems.
The name HOAT was chosen in 2007 due to the fact that the first big and successful project was called “give a pig”, which was a project that was indeed related to agriculture and is explained on a separate page.
The complete objectives of the foundation are -as filed with the notary-:

To offer help to poor families by providing livestock as well as agricultural supplies, in particular, in the rural areas in Thailand and elsewhere in the world;

To offer support to any person or institution in the areas of health, sanitary facilities, labor, education, social position and food supply;

To perform any other actions, that could be connected or conducive to the prior, in the broadest sense.

The foundation intends on achieving these objectives by providing i.a. employment, teaching materials, food, water purifying equipment and livestock, as well as transferring knowledge to the fullest extent of the word.
In practice, the foundation primarily puts its efforts towards putting water purification systems in schools so children have access to clean and safe drinking water.

This comes with providing information that leads to awareness and realization. Furthermore HOAT researches the possibility of providing clean and safe drinking water to surrounding villages and households.
Apart from the 2 previously mentioned projects, HOAT is also involved with so called “adhoc” projects.
HOAT has given support to the families affected by the flood in the province Buriram in Thailand, built a house for a homeless family on request of a contributor, and took part in a few village projects that were focused on improving the living conditions in the villages .

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